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Lara Poe - La Riviere et la Foret

DIGITAL / £2.49

La Riviere et la Foret
- Sideways Time III - Street

This is the first in a series of releases generated via the program of sound, music and arts residencies at Fuse Art Space's remote mountain arts facility, CAMP. Opened in April 2018, CAMP hosts residential workshops in the high French Pyrenees with the world's most acclaimed composers, performers, artists and writers - sessions in 2018 have been lead by Chris Watson, Gavin Bryars, Anne Bean, Eli Keszler, Laraaji and others.

"La Riviere et la Foret" was created during Gavin Bryars' residential CAMP course in April 2018. Arriving in Aulus les Bains, Lara noticed the omnipresence of the sound of the river, and decided to work with that sound. Seeking sound away from the river, Lara hiked the forests recording birdsong, forest rivulets and the tin rooves of abandoned shepherd's huts. Working with Audiosculpt and Reaper, the resulting field recordings were blended with sound from the village to create a piece which exposes both the primary sounds of this diverse sonic landscape and a sense of Lara's time spent in the village.

Photography: Sarah Faraday