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Various Artists - Fossilized Air Bubbles Popped

DIGITAL / £7.00

Thomas Harris - Gonjaje
Lazy Calm - Second Chances
Onion Slice - Etching
Ne Tvoy Drug - Falll
Hilary Woods - Imprint
Nika Pecarina - My Room Number is 14
Ross Adams - Dzavadzimu Cycles
Rafting - Sans Filtre
Oliver Hugo - Study 19/07/19
Me Lost Me - Nettle Soup
Maddi Baird - Exercise in G Minor Pentatonic

Fossilized Air Bubbles Popped is the product of Laurel Halo's residency at CAMP in 2019 - responding to conceptual prompts, a group of producers and composers from around the world created a diverse array of work, from the chaotic musique concrete of Tom Harris's "Gonjaje" to the glacial ambience of Maddi Baird's "Exercise in G Minor Pentatonic", via minimalistic folk from Jayne Dent (aka Me Lost Me), crunchy synth bubbling from Brian dela Cruz (aka Lazy Calm) and deep, abstract textures from Hilary Woods - the tracks display the full depth and breadth of musical approaches present in this diverse working group, whilst forming a coherent whole made possible by the intense, shared experience of five days in the Pyrenees.

Cover art by Brian Dela Cruz