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Molly Macleod

Molly Macleod is a sound artist, composer and vocalist. Her work manifests in interactive installations and performances. Currently studying MA Art & Science at Central Saint Martins her research explores the human voice and technology as an extension of herself, developing sound capturing devices with organic, human elements from her own body.

Using the audience as vehicle for intervention, her work is often exhibited as a live experiment where the viewer interrupts a process or leaves their unique biological mark on the final outcome.

She has been artist in residence at many studios such as Bull's Eye in Lisbon, Pinea-Linea De Costa in Spain, Pico Montanha festival in the Azores islands and exhibited and performed her work across Europe in spaces such as Maria Matos Theatre in Lisbon, Das Graduate School in Amsterdam, TATE Exchange and Fabrica Gallery.


CAMPFR106 / Widows Peak (2020)